Brazil Força Cafe - 1st Place in the Natural Division April 18 2016, 0 Comments

Located within the powerhouse of coffee with 60% of the Brazilian production, in the Sul de Minas region of Minas Gerais (226,460 mi²), lies a project called Força Café. Untraditional in its approach, the project looks to empower the smallholder coffee farmer by assisting in self-organization, facilitating links to local services, and connecting them to roasters. Although it does not represent all the production, specialty is a segment where the small holder farmer can compete with the larger more cost effective farms and achieve a more stable, differentiated price.

Força Café is a project from the Hans R. Neumann Foundation of Brazil (HRNS). The full name of the project “Fortalecimiento Da Caficultura Familiar” means the strengthening of family farming. Each farmer that chooses to partner with HRNS works closely with local representatives that have a strong background in the agricultural sector. This relationship is essential to the program and the basis on which the farmer improves their practices.

Participating farmers managed to increase their revenue by an average of 50% due to increased production, cost savings and better prices in product sales. Their most important achievements include: an average production of 28 bags per hectare, the purchase of fertilizer in bulk and its precise application according to soil analyses, coffee quality transparency at point of sale, and direct access to exporters.

This year a total of 640 samples were submitted by the farmers in the foundation. Conducted in the format of a cupping competition a panel of International Judges selected to the finals 13 coffees, ten naturals and three semi-washed coffees. These coffees all came from three micro regions coined by the project (Circuito das Aguas, Campo das Vertentes, and Matas de Minas) located in Sul de Minas, Minas Gerais.

This micro lot, from Sebastião De Alves, took home 1st Place in the Natural Division! The name of his farm is Sítio São Bartolomeu which has a total of 9.30 Hectares, of which four are designated for coffee production and one for native forestry. Sebastião is a proud farmer residing with his family of four in the community of São Bartolomeu in the Municipality of Lambari.

During the cupping coffees were tested per category


Growing Altitude: 1372 masl

Natural Processed 

Region: Circuito das Aguas, Sul de Minas

Aroma: Cocoa, Fruit | Flavor: Fruit forward-berry, honey, winey

Medium and Clean Body | Acidity: Bright lemon citrus