Grocery Delivery in BCS? Yes, please! September 08 2015, 0 Comments

How about them Ags?!
Two recent grads from A&M have started a local grocery-delivery service and we think it's the best thing ever. Here's what the owners have to say about it:
"We value long-forgotten sentiments of the milkman at your front door and the neighborhood butcher.  We want to personalize your shopping experience and save you the time and headache of grocery store lines.  We want to serve you as grocers and friends.

We offer high quality meats, produce, and artisan baked goods.  Items can be purchased online or by phone.  Our website comes complete with food origin and pictures so you can be sure of what you are ordering.

Additional services include:


  • Easy-to-follow recipes for romantic dinners or family suppers.
  • Free online cuisine consultation.
  • Meat packages for tailgates or barbeques.
  • Grocery list procurement for items we do not regularly carry.
  • Weekly blog full of healthy advice, state and local food stories, and member submitted recipes.


In short, we put a 21st century spin on a 19th century practice of door-to-door food service."
We're happy that these boys chose to include WTB in their quest to provide quality goods for the quality people of Bryan College Station.
Now that's Good Bull! 
Check Ranch & Roots out online at