Burundi Mpanga - Washing Station to start February with high scores

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Burundi Mpanga - Washing Station to start February with high scores

Hello WTB Coffee lovers

We know that’s been a while since we last spoke but we were in a rush to get the best out of our coffee and to produce a lot of news for our new year.

And here is the first of them, the Burundi Mpanga fully washed.

This amazing bean was selected as the 20th coffee on Coffee Review’s List of the Top 30 of 2015 and we got it. It was reviewed on June 2015 and scored 94 points.                                                                               Located in the Kayanza region, the Mpanga Washing Station was built in 2008 under the initiative of Jean-Clement Birabereye, who manages the mill and represents the farmers through the trading company SEGEC.                                                                                                                                               

With more than 15 years in milling experience, Jean-Clement offers a premium to producers whose coffees place in competition, motivating farmers to meticulous harvesting and agricultural practices.

No organic certification is currently held by farmers due to cost, although they planting process and maintenance of farms are organic by default.

The station processes cherries from 300 families with plots of 10-50 trees on average, though a handful have more than 100. Mpanga is equipped with 450 drying beds, six disc McKinnon pulping machines and two pressers.

drying bedscoffee cherries

The station prides itself on paying above market price for cherries to encourage high quality production at each harvest. Total production is about 1,500 tons of cherry/year.

After our medium-light roast we found this coffee richly sweet, clean, with cranberry, peach and brown sugar notes, creamy caramel body and amazing after taste.

There’s only one piece of bad news on this new arrival.


But we are going to keep up with the best coffees around the world in order to bring something new with substantial quality and information every month.

Prices are $ 10.50 for ½ pound and $20.00 for 1 pound.

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