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  • Brazil Força Cafe - 1st Place in the Natural Division

    Brazil Força Cafe - 1st Place in the Natural Division


    Located within the powerhouse of coffee with 60% of the Brazilian production, in the Sul de Minas region of Minas Gerais (226,460 mi²), lies a project called Força Café. Untraditional in its approach, the project looks to empower the smallholder coffee farmer by assisting in self-organization, facilitating links to local services, and connecting them to roasters. Although it does not represent all the production, specialty is a segment where the small holder farmer can compete with the larger more cost effective farms and achieve a more stable, differentiated price. Força Café is a project from the Hans R. Neumann Foundation of...

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  • Rwanda Coshaco - Washing Station

    Rwanda Coshaco - Washing Station

    Here we are again and it’s time to introduce you to our March special: Rwanda Coshaco – Washing Station Scoring 95 points, this region produced the 2nd best coffee in 2013 and we can’t wait to introduce the 2015 crop.   The Nyamasheke District, in the extreme west part of Rwanda, is home to 17 different washing stations. Sitting at 1508 meters above sea level, the Coshaco Washing Station is a cooperative of 300 farmers founded in 2009. After facing financial troubles while it was privately operated, David Sanzira, a member of the cooperative, took over Coshaco in 2014. Since taking...

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  • Burundi Mpanga - Washing Station to start February with high scores

    Burundi Mpanga - Washing Station to start February with high scores

    Hello WTB Coffee lovers We know that’s been a while since we last spoke but we were in a rush to get the best out of our coffee and to produce a lot of news for our new year. And here is the first of them, the Burundi Mpanga fully washed. This amazing bean was selected as the 20th coffee on Coffee Review’s List of the Top 30 of 2015 and we got it. It was reviewed on June 2015 and scored 94 points.                                ...

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  • Cappucinos! Lattes! Espresso! Oh My!

    Good news! WTB is officially serving coffee by the cup NEXT WEEK! This is all with the help of our friend, Augusto Carvalho.  Augusto is WTB's new barista expert all the way from Brazil! Even more exciting is the news that we will begin hosting Barista Classes with Augusto! STAY TUNED FOR MORE DETAILS!   

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  • Nos Vemos, Honduras Don Angel!

    "We'll see you, Honduras Don Angel!"  We've really enjoyed your chocolatey, cherry notes, but alas, we have roasted our last batch of you & it's time to say "see you later"!  So, if you're a fan of our Honduras coffee, stop by and get it while it lasts!   

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